Does my motor insurance pay if someone else is driving?

The driver should be licensed under the laws of Zimbabwe and authorized to drive by the owner of the vehicle.

Do I need a police report for all claims?

No. A police report is required where a crime has been committed or is suspected or where it is a requirement in terms of the law, to report the matter to the police.

What is an excess?

An excess (also known as first amount payable) is basically an underwriting fee charged to minimise the number of small administratively expensive claims, or to reduce a loss ratio, and to impose a duty of care on the insured.

If I’m not at fault in an accident, why must I pay an excess?

You are always liable for the excess since we do not place blame as criteria in order to determine whether you need to pay an excess or not. We do however immediately initiate the excess recovery process from the guilty party and will refund your excess if we are successful with the recovery.

What is betterment?

If the settlement of your claim results in you being in a better financial position than you were before the loss occurred, the extent of the improvement to your position is known as ‘betterment’. If this is the case, you would be expected to contribute towards the claims settlement.

What is a consequential loss?

This refers to loss or damage that results in further ‘indirect’ losses.

What is underinsurance?

Under-insurance means you do not have adequate insurance to cover the full replacement value of the assets you have insured.

What is an average condition?

Applies when sums insured does not represent full replacement values and settlement will be reduced proportionately to the amount of under-insurance.

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