Export Proposal Form

Details of sales to principal buyers in the last 12 months (Please enter N/A in appropriate columns, if not applicable)

Our anticipated sales to principal buyers for the next 12 months

**Note** Where shipments are made by air, buyers will be able to take delivery of the goods from the airline without making payment in the case of CAD transactions. In such cases, the Policy will not cover losses arising from non-payment by the buyer, since the buyer is not supposed to get delivery of the goods before payment. If you wish to have cover for this risk also, you can get it if (a) you get Credit Limit approved on the buyer on Open Delivery terms (even though bills may be drawn on CAD terms) and (b) paying premium on such shipments at rates applicable to Open Delivery terms. Such cover can be obtained on selected buyers, if you wish to do so.

Bad debts suffered by us in the last 3 years (buyer-wise) – Detailed Report

Particulars of payments overdue by more than 3 months as on date of this Proposal

Credit Control

(i) We declare that we are not aware of any circumstances relating to any particular buyer or shipment which might adversely influence your acceptance of any of the risks against which we are hereby requesting insurance. We further declare that in the event of this Proposal being accepted and a Policy issued, we shall at all times during the currency of the Policy forthwith notify you of any circumstances which might adversely affect the risks against which we are seeking insurance.

(ii) We declare that we have not assigned or pledged or transferred any part of payment due for shipments to be covered under the Policy or any right or interest acquired by virtue thereof or received any indemnity or security whatsoever in respect thereof and we shall not effect any such assignment or pledge or receive any such indemnity or security without your prior consent in writing.

(iii) We undertake that the shipments to be covered under the Policy shall be of goods wholly or partly produced, processed or manufactured in Zimbabwe.

(iv) We undertake that we shall carry on our business with due care in the selection of the buyers and that the contracts entered into shall adequately safeguard our interests and we shall despatch and deliver the goods in accordance with such contracts.

(v) We undertake that all discussions and correspondence in connection with this Proposal and with any Policy arising therefrom are to be treated by both sides as confidential (except to the extent necessary to our bankers) and we shall not, without your prior consent in writing, disclose either the existence of the Policy or any of the details to our agents or to our buyers or to any other persons or firms other than our bankers.

(vi) We hereby declare and certify that all representations made and facts stated by us are true and that we have not misrepresented or omitted any material fact which might have a bearing on the Policy, and we agree that such representations and facts and due performance of each and every undertaking contained herein or in the Policy shall be a condition precedent to any liability of the Corporation hereunder and to the enforcement thereof by us.